Mr. And Mrs. Murder

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I've discovered so many great shows this year, especially crime shows, from all over the world. The first one I want to tell you about is Mr. and Mrs. Murder, which comes to us from Australia.

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Charlie and Nicola Buchanan are crime scene cleaners with a nose for clues. It helps that Charlie has a memory that retains odd bits of information, which may or may not be true, while Nicola is ready to lick anything to determine if it's a drug or suspicious material. The couple is played perfectly by Shean McAllif and Kat Stewart. Their low-key, witty banter brings up comparisons to Nick and Nora Charles.

Quirky is key to this series. The way the couple giggle like lovesick teenagers over shared jokes. Nicola's penchant for hugging people while emitting a low growly noise reminds me of nothing else on this planet, but it's as funny as it is uncomfortable for the recipient of the hug. Even the way the couple exclaim Chaka Kan! when excited brings a smile.  

The supporting cast is just as endearing and funny. Detective Peter Vinetti (Johnny Pasvolski) is infatuated with Nicola and always has a barb for Charlie.

The couple's long-suffering and slightly morose neice, Jess, portrayed brilliantly by Lucy Velik, is often dragged into the Buchanan's investigations. One wonders if she'll ever find time to earn her college degree.

Nobody knows where the wheelchair-bound Alan (Ben Geurens) comes up with his insights on iffy and often violent criminal behavior, and book club member Janine (Georgina Naidu) has a habit of sitting uncomfortably close to any new male in the group.

Between the comic timing, the clever clues, and the light tone, I always feel better after watching an episode. Unfortunately, it only ran for one season back in 2013.

I highly recommend this show, which you can find on Acorn TV. Or, you can buy the series as a DVD here. American viewers may need subtitles, as the soft-spoken dialogue is sometimes delivered in strong accents.

Hear is a link to the trailer. Enjoy!


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