The Perils of Websites and Roadrunners

· Arizona

If I ever needed proof that laughter is necessary, it came this month.

First, my website's creator decided to up her game and change the template, which meant taking a course to learn how to reinvent the wheel. I passed. However, since I still needed a website, I opted for something simple through a company recommended by my friend, Kim. Strikingly. You can get it here.

The second giggle came directly from Mother Nature. I was in Arizona, researching for my Frankie Chandler series. I had an appointment to meet some goats, and I toured the Fountain Hills Botanical Gardens, which is the perfect place to end my next book. Lots of interesting landscape and places to hide - or hide from - killers. 

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Each evening, I sat outside on a covered patio and wrote. Usually, this is a soothing environment. This time, I had company. 

A pair of roadrunners had decided to nest in my parent's bogunvalia bush. I know what you're thinking. Cute, red-headed birds that leap in the air and say, "Meep-meep." In reality, roadrunners make lots of noises. They also eat. Constantly. I witnessed the end of baby birds, mice, and lizards. Every day, the number of baby quails trailing after momma were fewer in number. Nature is cruel. I know that. I just didn't enjoy witnessing it in such graphic detail.

Roadrunners are little veloceraptors. Don't believe me? See for yourself. 


Look at those big feet. I wish the audio had made it. They make this clacking noise with their beaks that sounds guessed it...a velociraptor.

There have been other laughs at my expense over these past weeks. Too many to name. Maybe they'll make it to another post.

How about you? If you feel like complaining, do so (nicely) in the comments. We'll laugh over our misfortunes together.