HeadshotAs the daughter of the eldest brother of thirteen siblings (most of them now married and with their own children and grandchildren) I will never run out of characters or plots.  Not that anyone in my family has committed murder. That I know of.  Although there are a few quirks in the ol’ lineage, here and there.



Note:  Writers in Residence is back on the blogosphere! After a three-year hiatus, the original members G.B. Pool, Jackie Houchin, Miko Johnston, Bonnie Schroeder, Rosemary Lord and myself have been joined by two new members: M.M. Gornell and Kate Thornton! Check us out here!


Frankie Chandler, Pet Psychic is my latest sleuth.  “A Bird’s Eye View of Murder” is finally out in ebook and paperback, and for those who prefer a paper book, “Barking Mad at Murder” is available at Amazon.   How did the idea of a pet psychic come about? Read on. 





Before Frankie, I had a crush on Evan Miller, “The Body Guy”.   A Los Angeles crime reporter, Evan has the emotional repertoire of a robot. He shuts down when feelings threaten to break through, which is hardly ever, since the closest he has to an intimate relationship is an occasional conversation with a source. Like it or not, that’s all about to change. 


CookedGooseTI’m completing “Civility Rules”, a mystery novel featuring the Harlow Brothers, Nicholas and Edward.  I wrote this short story to give readers a taste of what it’s like to hang out with an aspiring actor (Nick) and a Victorian wannabe obsessed with manners and etiquette. (That would be Edward.)            




Dear to my heart is my first mystery novel, “Family Matters”.  It was a quarter finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. I’ve had to swear repeatedly to family members that the characters aren’t based on anyone I know. (Maybe they are. Just a little bit.)